"Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture."


In an attempt to provide a safe and secure learning environment for your child, we take the following security precautions:

1.    Homeland Security: Our number one priority is the security of our students and staff. Should situations arise that include Homeland security, we will respond as directed by the community emergency authorities. Children will be kept in a safe and secure area of the facility unless deemed necessary by emergency authorities to evacuate the building. In the event that we evacuate the building, children and staff will relocate to the Youth Center located on our property, or an area designated by emergency authorities.

2.    Building Access: All facility doors are kept locked during operation hours. For the safety and well-being of our students, all visitors, including parents, must request access at the main door and be allowed in by office staff. Upon entry, all visitors must sign in and out of the building. Access to student areas is allowed only in certain circumstances. Intercom/Phone System: Each classroom is equipped with an intercom and/or telephone, which allows faculty to communicate with the office in case of an emergency.

3.    Camera System: An security camera system monitors all entrances/exits and hallways throughout the school to ensure the safety of our faculty and students.Emergency 

4.    Action Plan: MVCA has published an Emergency Action Plan that is kept in all classrooms.

5.    School Records: Administrative procedures are in place for documenting and maintaining current academic, medical, disciplinary, and attendance records. These records are kept in a secure location. In the event that Midland Valley Christian Academy ceases operation, all student records will be turned over to South Carolina Association of Christian Schools.