When MVCA envisioned the beginning of our middle school athletic program, one built not just on the thrill of athletic competition, but one steeped in a positive, enthusiastic environment; an athletic program that would allow for students and fans to celebrate its proud heritage on the athletic playing fields while upholding a higher calling.

Our MVCA Athletic Department works diligently to teach our student athletes the value of teamwork, self-control, and how to handle success and failure.  Our focus will be to instill in our student athletes these five characters which we pray will enable and fortify their development in their faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Students in grades 5 and up are currently eligible to play school sports. Younger students are encouraged to participate in sports teams through the Midland Valley Community Church Sports Ministry.

Required forms for participating in school athletics can be downloaded on the right or via the Family mobile App

Offered Seasonal Sports: 
- Coed Golf

- Boys & Girls Tennis
- Girls Volleyball

- Boys & Girls Basketball
- Coed Pickleball
- Bowling

- Coed Soccer

For information about joining a sports team, please visit the athletic forms page for necessary forms and email our Athletic Directors at [email protected]