MVCA teachers provide just what your baby needs, in a safe, clean and healthy environment. Our program encourages toddlers to use their bodies, senses and their emerging problem-solving skills to learn about and make sense of their world in the ways most meaningful for them.

2s & 3s

MVCA focuses on providing a loving, nurturing, safe envirnoment for your two and three year olds. Each age group has specific programs related to their cognitive development. Concentration is placed on self help skills and fostering independence.


Four year olds are all about self-expression, and are beginning social awareness. They need a strong program of natural curiosity, cooperation, confidence, communication skills, and a healthy dose of learning excitement as they get ready to go to kindergarten.


You want this important year to be the very best for your child, and you will find that at MVCA. Our kindergartners discover their potential, eagerly explore new concepts and are inspired to be adventurous learners in this magnificent world that God has created.

School Age

Our elementary program instruction is given with a Christian worldview perspective, instilling in even our youngest students that God is at the heart of everything, and our efforts and knowledge are to be put to use in the fulfillment of His plan and purpose for our lives.



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Welcome to Midland Valley Christian Academy. Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about our wonderful school. At MVCA, we work hand in hand with parents to meet the needs of their children ensuring that they receive a quality education. A spiritual influence is reflected in everything that is done. Christian principles, moral values, and responsibility are instilled and reinforced.

At MVCA, we offer a wide variety of educational experiences that in turn builds a strong foundation that prepares students for future learning and success in life. Even though our pace is challenging, each child is encouraged to be resourceful and is given assistance to excel in all areas in order to realize the full potential of his or her abilities. We would love to be your choice for quality Christian education.