With the moral drift of our culture and the unprecedented challenges facing our nation’s educational system, high-quality, biblically centered Christian education is more important now than ever before. Consider these statistics: the typical school-age student in an evangelical Christian home spends:

  • 1 hour per week in a church service;
  • less than 15 minutes per day of conversation with their father;
  • more than 8 hours a day interacting with electronic devices, most often video games, watching television, or being on social media.

Of the three voices, which one do you think is going to have the greater influence over that student?

Now consider that this same student is in the school setting (apart from the COVID era) for school 7 hours every day for 180 days of the year. What message, what story about the world and truth is being reinforced in school during those 35 hours a week? Those of church and family? Or those of media and culture?

Christian education is essential if we are going to win the battle for the hearts and minds of our children. Even more so for students who are not from Christian homes. It is imperative that we grow our ability to equip our current students and those new families we aim to reach with a deep love of God and a strong foundation upon which to make their way in an increasingly hostile world. It is equally imperative that MVCA expand our ability to serve more families with better and better learning experiences.

A strong foundation is essential for schools like MVCA to flourish during these times. One characteristic of a strong, thriving, and sustainable private school is a good program for helping generate financial support beyond tuition and fees. This Development program helps to rally current and new constituents around the vision and mission of MVCA as partners through providing financial support and other needed services.

Annual Eagle Fund

Key to this sustainability is the launch of the Annual Eagle Fund for MVCA. An “annual fund” is a yearly campaign that provides unrestricted funds above and beyond the operating budget that can be used to support the school’s highest priorities in any given year. Typically, annual funds are aimed at new programs, extracurriculars such as arts and athletics, faculty training and development, and family financial aid.

Current priorities at MVCA include a focus on permanent programming in arts, music, drama, and band; adding robotics/coding and a STEM lab; increasing our availability and quality of classroom learning technology such as more student-use computers and new Smartboards; expanding athletics with additional sports and equipment; hiring additional instructional support staff specialists, PE teachers, library staff, and learning specialists; and purchasing new and updated classroom furnishings and materials, such as new desks and science lab equipment. As a part of our long-range strategic goals, we’ve contracted with CDH Partners in Atlanta to help us prepare a new campus master plan with the initial goal of a new elementary school building no later than 2024. We also are actively working on plans to expand into high school in the near future.

A strong annual fund will be an essential piece for us to see our vision become a reality.

Before outside donors commit to making donations to our school, they want to see a school community actively committed to the school’s values and Christian education experience. Participation in the “Annual Eagle Fund” sends a powerful message to these other potential donors of this commitment by the parents, grandparents and others closely connected to the school.

We are reaching out to all parents and grandparents and asking you to consider investing in the “Annual Eagle Fund” at MVCA through an annual one-time gift or on a recurring basis to help provide additional resources and opportunities for our students. Certainly, the cost of tuition in private education is always a factor; the simple truth is that it is expensive to provide the level of private education we seek to provide. Many of our families feel the burden each month to cover that tuition and make significant sacrifices to do so. Participation in the “Annual Eagle Fund” is voluntary, and we recognize it will be more than some are able to do.

However, we believe that God will work generously through the MVCA family to take us further as we step out on faith and ask. We will be reaching out to church members to join us in these initiatives. We will also be seeking to develop new relationships with new donors and inviting them to invest in the mission of MVCA for the sake of our community, our families, and our nation!

Each Gift to the Annual Eagle Fund makes a difference! 

Donations to the “Annual Eagle Fund” are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.


At the beginning of each calendar year, you will receive a statement of the amount of your donations to the “Annual Eagle Fund” for the previous year.


Financial gifts can be given online via our Donor View giving platform at You can make a one-time gift or set up a recurring donation by creating a donor account. With your own donor account, you can view your past giving history and edit your donation settings. Parents can also give through the Round Up for Education initiative by adding any designated amount to your monthly tuition withdrawal.

I would greatly appreciate your help in identifying and connecting with other individuals or businesses with whom we can begin developing relationships toward long-term partnership. Expanding our support base is a significant part of a good development program.

In addition to financial support, we are looking for a strong team of volunteers to help me build a development program through the following:

  • assist with fundraising events,
  • providing contacts with other individuals or businesses,
  • introduce me to new potential contacts and help arrange meetings,
  • providing services or other assistance to the school,

If you are currently a supporter or donor of the school, thank you for your investment! I encourage you to continue in your support and prayerfully consider how you might even increase your contribution to help MVCA grow and God’s kingdom expand.

I look forward to working with all of you to make Midland Valley Christian Academy a leader in providing  high-quality Christian education that produces leaders and ambassadors for the kingdom in our community and around the world.

John B. O’Neal lll
Director of Development, MVCA
E-mail: [email protected]
Cell Phone: 803-609-3557