Better School Dismissal

MVCA uses PikMyKid to manage school dismissal. The PikMyKid system uses a combination of smartphone, tablet apps, school portals, and district dashboards to keep communication open and dismissal safe. This allows parents to have better control over their child’s safety at the click of a button, staff to have better tools to manage what happens after the bell, and administrators to confidently control emergency notifications or view dismissal live at a school.

How do I announce my arrival to the school for Daily Pickup

Parents can only announce at school during the set dismissal hours. Make sure your phone's location services are enabled on both your phone and your PikMyKid parent app.

In the app, tap the Pickup icon to see your children, view their pickup mode, and announce your arrival. (See screenshot.)

In the Pickup mode, you will see your student(s) or other students that have been assigned that you are able to pickup that day. The green slider icon next to each student's name indicates they will be added to the pickup queue once you announce your arrival. This is on by default. If you are not picking up a child that day, tap the green slider icon to turn it off.

When you arrive on campus, when you come to the blue traffic cone with the sign reading "PIKMYKID ANNOUNCE HERE", tap the green ANNOUNCE button (circled in red on the screenshot above). That automatically adds your student(s) to the proper pickup line. School staff will be in the parking lot to verify car sequencing and help with any questions.

If you have successfully announced your arrival, you will see the confirmation tag appear in the app (screenshot below).

If you are picking up multiple students, even if they are in multiple lines, you only need to announce once. PikMyKid will place them in the correct pickup queues.

How do I add a change to my child's dismissal schedule?

  1. Select your child's name from the "Children" tab
  2. Choose the applicable calendar date when you want the change to start OR Select More Actions on your bottom right corner
  3. Select Change Pickup on the box below the calendar OR Create Pickup if using More actions
    • Select “Next” if the change is for one day only OR
    • Select one of the options to repeat the change, choose the last day and days included in the change, then “Next”
  4. Select the desired pickup option from the drop-down. Then select who is picking up.
  5. Confirm Change to save your selection. You will see a green notification on the top of the screen with the confirmation of the changes.

How do I manage my delegates?

Parents may delegate pickup duties to other trusted contacts as desired.

  1. Select Account at the bottom of your screen, then select Manage Approved Contacts
  2. Select the Create Contact icon (person with a plus sign) to create a new contact. You can also Edit, Delete, or Deactivate delegates as needed by selecting their names. *Inactive delegates will be grayed out and they won't be visible on your list when adding a Delegation to your child's calendar.

Note: Delegates are not able to see your child on their app until you assign them to your child's calendar for specific dates.

To assign a trusted contact to pick up your child:

  1. Tap the Children icon and then on the student's name
  2. On the calendar, tap the date you wish to schedule (or that you wish a repeating schedule to begin)
  3. Tap 'Change Pickup' in the area below the calendar
  4. Verify the date. If you wish to setup a repeating schedule, select the appropriate options from the 'Repeat This Pickup?' dropdown list.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Select the appropriate mode (typically this will be carline). Note that Upper School is for grades 5-12.
  7. Tap Confirm Change.
  8. Next, select who will be doing the pickup for this schedule. Tap 'Select from your contacts' and then tap on the person you wish to assign as your delegate.
  9. Their name will appear with a blue check circle next to it. Tap Confirm Change.
  10. You should see a green success message alert appear at the top of the window. A confirmation email will be sent to you, as well.

How do I get started?

The PikMyKid app is available for download on your smartphone’s app store (Google-Play, Apple Store). Each user will need to download and register on their own smartphone. Select “Register a New Account” and follow the prompts to sign up. You will verify your email address and phone number to complete registration.