Dress code


Students are expected to use good judgment in dressing for extracurricular activities in a manner that reflects modesty, neatness, and cleanliness. Although the dress code may not be enforced for extracurricular activities, students’ appearance should reflect its spirit. MVCA students are expected to dress modestly as ALL school events and may be asked to change clothes or leave the event if they are not dressed appropriately.

  1. Students are to be neat and well-groomed. All attire is to be clean, modest, and not torn or ragged (no holes, patches, or cutoffs).
  2. Hair is to be neat, clean, and out of the eyes. Outlandish hairstyles are not allowed.
  3. The ONLY visible pierced jewelry allowed is earrings on girls. Boys may not wear earrings at any time, either to school or to any school event.
  4. Permanent and/or temporary tattoos (doodling on arms, legs, etc.) must not be visible.
  5. Shirts
    1. Collarless shirts may be worn on any day except chapel days or other special occasions.
    2. Shirts must be plain or patterned with long or short sleeves. No graphic tees including characters, sayings, or images are permitted except on Fridays.
    3. No strapless tops, shirts with spaghetti straps, halter tops, or tube tops may be worn at any time.
    4. Sleeveless tops (including sleeveless dresses) are not permitted unless a sleeved shirt is worn underneath, or a sweater is worn on top. A sleeve must fully cover the student’s entire shoulder coming partially down the upper arm. Holes or openings in the shoulder do not qualify as an appropriate sleeve.
    5. T-shirts made of dri-fit or similar material typically used as athletic wear are permitted so long as they otherwise meet the criteria above for shirts.
  6. Shorts / Pants / Skirts
    1. Jeans, khaki-type slacks, dress pants, and capris are approved.
    2. Students may wear denim, khaki, or cargo type pants or shorts (solid or print). The hem of shorts must come no more than three (3) inches above the top of the kneecap when standing (or the narrowest width of a 3×5 index card)
    3. Girls may wear dresses and skirts. All dresses, skirts, or shorts must be mid-thigh or longer (the same 3-inch rule as for shorts). Shorts or leggings must be worn under dresses and skirts.
    4. Spandex, running shorts, biking shorts, yoga pants, leggings, and jeggings are not to be worn to school (unless covered by shorts or a skirt that meets dress code).
  7. Fit of Clothing
    1. Shirts and pants must be appropriately fitted (not too baggy nor too tight). Determination of whether garments are too tight will be at the discretion and judgment of school administration.
    2. Students must wear their shirts to prevent the midriff from showing, regardless of the posture of the student.
    3. Pants must be worn in such a manner that undergarments should not be visible regardless of movement.
  8. Shirts or outerwear must be blank with no screen-printing or other artwork. The only exception is MVCA school apparel; school apparel from the Spirit Store or school-sponsored fundraisers are permissible on any day other than chapel days. Items with small (less than 3”x3”) printed or embroidered brand logos (e.g., Nike swoosh, UnderArmor logo, Izod crocodile, etc.) on the chest are allowed.
  9. No lounge or pajama wear.
  10. Athletic attire may be worn only on casual Fridays.
  11. Hats, sweatshirt hoods, or sunglasses are not to be worn in the school buildings during the academic day.
  12. Athletic slides, rubber flip-flops, and pool shoes are not permitted.
  13. Students involved with after-school practices and activities are expected to dress adhering to the spirit and design of this code as well. Not wearing a shirt for boys and only wearing sports bras or yoga pants for girls would be considered inappropriate. Yoga pants are not to be worn at athletic practices or in Physical Education class unless shorts are worn over the top.
  14. Athletes may wear jerseys on game day as determined by their coach, with pants or shorts that maintain dress code standards.

Casual Fridays – On Fridays, all students are permitted to wear more casual, relaxed clothing, including athletic wear and graphic/printed t-shirts. Graphic or printed items must still be respectful and within the bounds of good taste and appropriate expressions for MVCA.

Chapel Day Dress – On chapel days (Wednesdays, at present), students are required to be more dressed up than other days. Boys in all grades are required to wear a collared shirt on chapel day. Girls may wear a collared shirt or a nice dress

Spirit Days – There may be special costume days, such as spirit days, when the dress code is modified with teacher/administrator approval.

School shirt/field trips – Students will wear a school-issued MVCA t-shirt for field trips. Each student will be provided a shirt at the beginning of the year. Parents/guardians will be able to buy additional shirts. Field trip shirts that are lost will be replaced by the school at parent expense via a charge in FACTS. Students will not be allowed to attend field trips if they are missing or have forgotten their t-shirt that day.


  • If a violation takes place in the first weeks of school, a teacher will give a warning and help correct any misunderstandings.
  • After the first week of school, the student needs to change into clothes that meet dress code. If a student does not have clothes that meet dress code, he or she will be sent to the Office. The parents will be called and asked to bring the student appropriate clothing. The student will not return to class until appropriate clothing is obtained. If available, an MVCA shirt may be loaned to the student and returned at the end of the day.
  • After the first week, a Discipline Referral will be issued for a student not meeting dress code.
  • If non-compliance or disregard for the dress code persists after 3 violations in a semester, subsequent violations the remainder of the year will be treated as a disciplinary issue.
  • Students will be counted absent if they miss class due to dress code violations. The student is responsible for getting assignments and making up all class work missed while out of class to obtain suitable clothing. This must be done outside of the regular class time to prevent disruption of a class that is in session. All missed work is due the next day.

Two things to keep in mind when thinking about dress code:

  1. School administration reserves the right to determine what is acceptable or unacceptable regarding the dress code.
  2. If you think you should not wear something because it may be in violation of the dress code, you are probably correct. You may wish to contact the school office for guidance.