Announcing PikMyKid

April 6, 2021
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September 17, 2021

Announcing PikMyKid

We are pleased to announce that MVCA has signed an agreement to begin using PikMyKid (, one of the largest and most widely used school dismissal applications available. PikMyKid is a cloud-based app for parents, teachers, and administrators and includes the following benefits:

  • notification and queuing order for arriving parents
  • all-in-one dispatcher screen that can be displayed on any number of phones, iPads, or computers at a time (no more text messaging or trying to read car tags)
  • manages up to 4 different carlines or locations, so it will handle elementary and upper school separately
  • tracks who picked up a student and the time they left campus
  • will track and manage afterschool care check-in, parent arrival, and check-out (no more lobby, kiosk, or daycare door!)
  • Simplifies pickup so that everything works the same from 2:45-6:00 pm
  • Integrates with FACTS SIS so that student information is easily shared between the two programs

We are working early this week on getting everything set up. We will then meet with teachers and staff to walk through the basics. The vendor will also be providing some video and written tutorials to help us get started. We will test it together and then launch it for parents once everybody is up to speed and ready. We will plan to go live with it on site Monday, September 13. That should give us ample time to get familiar with it and roll out communications and training information to parents.

In the meantime, we will be making an adjustment to our current process to begin allow afterschool dismissals to happen at the gym doors (like for carline) rather than the front lobby. This should help streamline the dismissal process for afterschool care and help parents begin to go ahead and get in the habit of using the car line area for all pickups.

More details will be coming via email.

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