MVCA - Security

Security is an important issue for all parents. Midland Valley Christian Academy strives to keep your child safe and secure; here are some behind-the-scenes aspects you’ll want to know:

Electronic Security – Our facility includes a secure coded entry so only staff and families with the protected code can access the entrance. This means unauthorized visitors are never a risk to your child’s safety.

Security Cameras – MVCA is monitored by 16 security cameras. Every entry and hallway has security cameras that are monitored in both the Daycare and Academy office. Administration and staff easily observe activities throughout the day.

Office Check In – Our office is always staffed so there’s no worry about an unauthorized entry. Our watchful eyes focus on safety first, and we monitor any guests who may drop in for a visit.

Hiring Process – All teachers and staff are given extensive state-mandated background checks through central registry, SLED, and FBI.  

CPR and First Aid – All MVCA administration and staff are CPR and First Aid certified. Easy to follow emergency plans and evacuation routes are posted in each classroom and office.