MVCA - Testimonials

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“I enrolled my son in the Academy in 2009. I found an environment and staff with strong Christian values and structured educational objectives. As time passed, my son is developing into the well rounded young boy I envision. When I became ill, the staff took on the role of an extended family that proved my family with love and prayers. Overall, the Academy is the place where foundations are created that will last a lifetime.”

Dr. Gay Middleton
Joshua – First Grade

“Ansley has been a student at MVCA since 4K. She is currently in 3rd grade. Our experience with MVCA has been nothing but positive. Ansley has enjoyed the challenge of each new year. She is testing above average in every subject and is an excellent reader. We have made sacrifices to send her to private school, but it has been well worth it. We have been blessed to be a part of the MVCA family.”

Terry and Amy Prosser
Ansley – Third Grade

“My husband and I wanted our son to receive a strong academic and Bible based education in a nurturing environment. We have found this place at MVCA. The teachers and staff are caring and professional. Our son has learned so much. My husband and I are very pleased with Ronnie’s education here at MVCA.”

Michelle and Samuel Rahenkamp
Ronnie – Second Grade

“We wanted an environment that was positive and knew our children would be loved. MVCA has gave us so much more. They care for Parker as if he was their own. He has learned so much while attending. The teachers are more than awesome; they are a true blessing to our family. Not only will Parker be prepared when he starts 4K, he is going to be prepared for his love of Christ. To ride down the road and hear your 2 year old start singing “Jesus Loves Me” is so wonderful! I could not ask for more from such a wonderful staff at MVCA. We are truly blessed to have them as part of our family.”

Shelly and Brandon Hill
Parker – Two Year Old Class

“Our child has been attending MVCA since September 2011 and just within 5 months, he has learned to say, his ABC’s, days of the week, months of the year, and his colors. Not to mention the fact the he now goes potty!!! The staff and teachers are a blessing and I encourage every parent to consider this amazing school!”

Angela and Rick Ford
Jaxson – Two Year Old Class

“As I reflect on the time that my children have attended MVCA, I think of wonderful memories and confirmation that we made the very best choice in education for them. Each and every person that has had a part in taking care of my children has always done so with a loving and caring spirit. I know that when I leave them each morning, I can rest assured they are being taken care of. I have watched them mature, grow and learn, but even more than that, I have witnessed them begin their walk as a Chrsitian, which has overflowed into our family bringing us closer to each other and to God.”

Teresa and Jake Boatwright
Hunter – Three Year Old Class
Bailee – First Grade

“Midland Valley Christian Academy has been our home for all 3 of our children since 2004. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we love this school. I value so much about this school; the Bible reading, chapel services, prayer, everything that is so important to us as a family. They have loved on our children for many years. Their curriculum is Christian-based and that caters to so many children who need this type of teaching. They may be a smaller school compared to others but this is an advantage because the children receive one on one teaching and the attention need to instill all of the proper morals, values, and classroom related material.”

Gary and Dana Johnson
Aubree – Four Year Old Kindergarten

“Skylar enjoys going to daycare. She is fond of everyone in the infant room. They do a really good job considering that it is her home away from home. She has learned a lot since she has been there.”

Olivia Muschick
Skylar – Infant Room

“Our daughter started attending the daycare at Midland Valley when she was three and now she is a six year old first grader. She enjoys going to school (especially on field trips or special activity days) and she loves her teachers. More important than that, is that MVCA provides a safe environment for her and excellent Christian education.”

David and Mayra Galan
Daryam – First Grade

“We were put at ease in choosing MVCA knowing our son would grow in faith and thrive in education while attending school here.”

Keith and Anna Sommers
Logan – Second Grade

“Midland Valley Christian Academy has been a wonderful school since our son started 3K in 2007. MVCA provides an energetic, nurturing, and safe environment, where each child feels special. The teachers at MVCA have worked very hard with my son to ensure the basic skills are mastered as appropriate at the pre-K/elementary levels. The teaching of curriculum in language arts, math, reading, science, social studies, spelling and writing has allowed him to develop an excellent foundation of knowledge and skills. Art, computers, music, physical education, and Spanish classes really round out his education. We have seen our son develop into a confident youngster, who really enjoys learning.

Regina S. Price
Evan – Second Grade

“Midland Valley Christian Academy is a genuine example of what a Christian school should be – an Academy that teaches a love of Christ not only through the use of tangible Christian materials, but by intangible acts of love and kindness carried out by the Academy’s personnel on a daily basis.

  • A principal who “works” carline each morning by greeting each student, by name, as he opens their car door.
  • Teachers who take a vested interest in their students and “tear up” at the year end Awards Day because they have gotten to know all the wonderful gifts God has given each child in their class.
  • A cafeteria worker who has a “make shift” prayer closet used for praying for MVCA students and their families.

Someone once said that the true character of a person can be measured by what a person does when no one is looking. I have observed many of the Academy’s personnel in “off duty mode” as well. They are church volunteers, choir members, PTO members and they have a real love of Christ and a real love of family.”

Lauren and Douglas Scruggs
Cooper – First Grade